Friday, October 1, 2010


We read this very cool book that combines the story of the Japanese poet Issa with his poetry and beautiful illustrations by Kazuko Stone.

In got me in a haiku mood:
The baby won't cry
While he eats.  I hate to sweep.

Just in case you're wondering if this is a pattern of slovenly mothering, here is a story from a few years back.  Bryan was about 18 months.  I had just thrown away a bag of stale chips.  While trying to do something (urgent, no doubt) on the computer, I heard the unmistakable sound of chips pouring on to the floor...
Me:  (internal monologue)  They're in a bag in the top of the trash so they aren't THAT dirty, and they should keep him busy for another five minutes or so.  (Five minutes later I go sweep up the chips, dump them into the trash can and return to the computer.  Fast forward another few minutes.)
Sound from hall:  Thunk, crumble.  (pause)  Thunk, crumble.  (pause)...
Enter Bryan carrying a kitchen trash can almost as tall as himself and occasionally dropping it to eat a few chips directly from the trash.  Awesome.


  1. I really could not love Issa more. You would also like the Godfather of haiku, Basho. I started out loving the silliness of haiku, but I've really gone head-over-heels for the classical form. Ten points for startin' 'em young. :)

  2. Oh, and I can see that your mathematical skills have been put to good use in the equation there: "(5 minutes of peace/5% chance of germification)sneaking suspicion this won't end well = meh. I'll risk it."
    :P love it.

  3. Puts a smile on my face to read your blog. I see a toddler in that picture of Rand. How is that possible?? Love you.



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