Thursday, July 15, 2010

The lonely dragon...

The Lonely Dragon
Theresa Heine

A dragon is sad
Because everyone thinks
A dragon is fierce and brave,
And roars out flames,
And eats everybody,
Whoever comes near his cave.

But a dragon likes people,
A dragon needs friends,
A dragon is lonely and sad,
If anyone knows 
Of a friend for a dragon,
A dragon would be very glad.

This poem makes me think of one of my boys.  He's a rough and tumble guy.  He needs a bow and arrow and a slingshot, but you just can't do that in the burbs.  He's also more sensitive than he seems.  A few months ago he got in a lot of trouble for hurting one of his brothers.  At the time he gave no outward sign of emotion or contrition.  His apparent lack of remorse really concerned me.  Had I been in his position, I would have worked HARD to restore myself to everyone's good graces.  A few months later, the subject of "worst day ever" came up.  He unequivocally stated that this day he had hurt his brother was his worst ever.  I had no idea it had even gotten to him.

After I read the poem to David and Jacob...
Jacob:   If I saw that dragon I would DEFINITELY go help him and be his friend.
David:  (Wearing cowboy hat, ninja mask, pipe gun and Batman suit - see picture above)  If I was a real guy with all this stuff, I would be on the dragon's team.  And then if he tricked me and breathed fire on me, I would shoot him.
That is so representative of their personalities.  One greets the world as if it is full of people who love him and can't wait to be friends.  The other would love to be friends, but he's going to pack heat just in case.

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