Friday, July 2, 2010

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me, even when I hate it and it sucks...

Inadvertently, I did a high ropes course today. I thought we signed up for a ropes course. That word "high" is actually key. We walked up to the course area, and there were harnesses laid out. I thought, "That's weird. We're doing the zip line at the end. Why do we have to put on harnesses now? Whatever." The instructor was going over the safety instructions. I was paying him a little more attention than I would a flight attendant, but not much. Then I caught the phrase, "thirty-five feet above the ground.". Internal monologue:
"Did he just say thirty-five feet above the ground. Holy crap. I thought this was the trust fall thing. What is he saying - clip, flip, screw, squeeze. That sounds like a porno. Who is going to be checking this when I'm up in a freaking tree."
Externally, "Chris, didn't you think it was odd that I agreed to this with no protests? What were you thinking?" Chris assured me that I didn't have to do it, but the student in me could not walk away from a class without completing the assignment. Plus the zip line looked fun.

First I had to climb the tree. That wasn't so bad. You can feel the safety rope pulling you up. It doesn't feel like it's all on you. Then I stepped onto the little platform. Things started to spin. I had to let go with both hands to get things set up - bad, but not the worst. The worst part was taking the first step from the platform to the line. I seriously nearly had a heart attack. Midway through I almost fell. I started reciting, "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me, even when I hate it and it sucks." That got me across two lines and safely to the zip line, which rocked.

I have now experienced a high ropes course and will not be participating in that insanity again.

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