Saturday, July 31, 2010

Cabin day five...

We went hiking on the Hemlock Hollow Trail today. It was a perfect little guy hike - 1.5 miles of beautiful forest with rocks, bridges and trees with character. It was also the scene of one of life's real triumphs for Bryan - a truly glorious scene for a little brother.

The boys piled up dead branches to make some sort of building. It was really David and Jacob's game with Bryan bouncing around the periphery.

Bryan: Guys, guys, which one do I get?
David: (Trying to humor Bryan and keep him out of the way, points to a small standing tree that's a few inches in diameter) Ummm, get that over there.

The tree is apparently dead and barely attached to the ground. Bryan pulls it from the ground.

David: Woah! Bryan, how did you do that???
Jacob: Wow Bryan, you're so strong.
Bryan: Mommy, I fink you need to change my name to Superman.

At the end of the day, David and I sat on the deck together while the little guys slept - beautiful time.
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  1. David is so precious. God bless his sweet heart! Tell Superman I love him and his precious brothers. Love, Nan


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