Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Cheerios, strep and big boys...

Five of us are on amoxicillin for strep.  Last night two of my boys were really whiny and one said it hurt to swallow.  Chris and Rand had strep a couple weeks ago, so I was suspicious.  I hate taking them to the doctor for sick visits.  I worry that they won't really be sick but will just catch something there.  I also hate to risk letting it go when we're about to travel.  They woke up saying they felt fine.  I took them in.  The nurse took each of their temperatures - nothing.  I'm starting to feel "les incompetents."*  Then Bryan said, "I'm not even feeling like sick,"  and I start feeling like worse.  Then the test results come back and the nurse says, "They're all positive for strep."  A wiser woman would have felt sorry for her children or upset that the next few days might be rough.  I, however, felt like singing the hallelujah chorus.  YES - trip to the doctor justified.  Now I feel redeemed for the time I took Jacob in because I thought he had staff infection on his leg - there were black flecks around a bug bite.  The doctor said, "Hmmm, let's see what happens when I dab it."  It turns out that it was just dirt.  That's kind of okay to do when you have only one VERY young child.  As a mother of four, it was really humiliating.  The doctor was very gracious, but I know she was laughing at me on the inside.  


This is why youngest children live in their parents' basements when they're forty.  He started feeding himself Cheerios.  Then his brothers thought it was cute, and a bit of an adrenaline rush to feed him (he has two teeth).  Now he just whines until someone walks by his highchair and feeds him a Cheerio.  I know I should shut it down, but it's just so cute - which is another reason...


Bryan has the really annoying habit of pouring out the last few drops of a drink onto the table.  I'm mostly okay with purposeful messes (forts, pretend stores, etc), but random and senseless acts of destruction DRIVE ME INSANE.  Bryan poured out a few drops of a drink.  Because I'm his mother, I know that Bryan is vulnerable in the area of being considered little.  So as he is on his way to timeout, I said, "Oh, I thought you were big, Bryan, but you must be little."  Bryan responds in his speaker of truth tone, "I am big Mommy, just sometimes I act wittle."  Then I laughed and hugged  him because except on my very worst days, I'm only mean in snippets.

*From Home Alone - "You're what the French call 'les incompetents.'"

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  1. You be sweet to my whittle Bryan! Hope all get to feeling much better. Love you. Nan


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