Tuesday, October 5, 2010


I like to think of myself as an enlightened person when it comes to kids' sports.  I'm definitely not one of THOSE parents.  I think there is a passive-aggressive soccer mom lurking beneath the surface, though.  David is really enjoying soccer.  His coach is great - laid back and seems to really know soccer.  David has learned a lot.  He's been practicing some at home and playing pseudo-games with Chris and me.  I've noticed that he's much less aggressive about going after the ball in his Upward games than he is with us.  Recent conversation...
Me:  David, I don't know much about soccer, but it seems to me that one of the most important things is to really go after the ball.
David:  My coach says that the most important thing is to have fun.
Me:  (laughing and shame-faced)  That's absolutely right, buddy.  Just listen to your coach.

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