Monday, October 11, 2010

When is she going to sing already?...

Scene from last weekend, past the hour when Chris and I expect to be done for the day with our adorable but exhausting children...
Jacob:  (crying) Bryan won't let me go to sleep.
Bryan: (crying)  Jacob hit me.
Jacob:  (crying and indignant)  I had to hit him because he wouldn't let me finish "The Beach Song."
Bryan:  (crying louder)  He won't listen to my joke.
Jacob:  (still crying)  He won't let me finish my song.  He's  calling me a fat lady.
Chris and me: (laughing) Seriously. Go to bed right now. We're going to think this is funny for like one more minute.
We don't always laugh at their various behavior problems.**  I just tend to blog more about those.  We're like little kids - we get to the giggly stage of tired.

In other news, Rand's infant skateboarding career was short lived.  He rocked out for about five minutes and was over it by the time I got the camera.

*We sang "To God Be the Glory" every night of our '09 beach trip.  It is now "The Beach Song" to the brothers h.
**Sometimes we flip out and occasionally we handle them maturely and seriously.


  1. Poor little, littles!! They may have to come stay with Nan and Papa!

  2. A real perspective on this year's beach trip is that this year's song is "We gotta get outta this place.". We needed the fat lady to sing on Monday morning. Your boys are hilarious.

  3. "You're a fat lady" is Bryan's joke of choice lately. I'm thinking it's going to blow up on us eventually.

  4. It blew up on Gran when John was about 3 and in a fabric store with Gran. He told a woman walking by, "You are fat.". The woman was very nice and said, " Honey, I know. I have always been this way.". Traumatized Gran for life. John wasn't being mean. He was stating a fact.

  5. I'll never forget that episode with John. So you might want to curtail Bryan's joke!

  6. Maybe Rand was afraid he'd end up with another broken leg if he continued skateboarding. Poor sweet baby!
    I love you--Gran

  7. Sweet picture of the biggest big brother helping Rand.
    --Love, Gran


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