Monday, October 25, 2010

Because it works...

Chris and I are in Vegas.  He loves to play poker.  I want a vacation to ... sit in a hotel room.  Seriously, I could be at Motel 6 in Des Moines, and as long as I don't have to fix a sandwich for anyone, I'm happy.

In the plane on the way here, I really thought the row in front of us was being secretly filmed for What Would You Do.  The plane was completely full.  It was a four hour long Southwest flight with first come, first serve seating.  There were two middle seats available in the row in front of us.  The other four seats in the row were occupied by large men (which would be why those were the last two seats).  One of them looked fierce - dark sunglasses, tattoos, stern look.  An attractive young woman bustled up the aisle with a man in tow.  She asked Fierce to move to a middle seat so she and her fiance could sit together.  Pause for a minute to let that sink in.  Fierce unapologetically said no.  She went frantically back up the aisle to search for two adjacent seats that did not exist.  Finally, she gave up and she and her fiance sat in middle seats across from one another where she - wait for it - BURST INTO HYSTERICAL TEARS.  We all know what happened next.  Fierce, who would probably scare you in a dark alley, is actually a gummy bear on the inside, gave up his aisle seat so that this woman who doesn't look scary could sit next to her fiance.  The tears ceased.  She calmly collected her things and moved to the seat beside her fiance.

Me to Chris:  That's why we do it.  It works.  Every time.

In the interest of honesty, I have to admit something that came to mind as I was laughing at this ridiculous scene.  As a new bride, I would get mad at Chris if he didn't hold my hand in church.*  Not a little irritated.  Not a sarcastic comment dropped here and there.  But hour long discussion kind of mad.  I didn't cry, though.  Whining was usually my MO when I needed to bring out the heavy artillery.**

*I think I need to clarify that - not if he wasn't willing to hold my hand but if he did not initiate holding my hand.
**Yes, I used the past tense.  I like to think of it as hope more than as hypocrisy.


  1. literal LOL


  2. Princess: yet another example that we men have no chance.


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