Friday, October 15, 2010

Mathematical relativism, the beautiful butterfly, and laziness...

Last night...
Bryan:  ... 28, 29, 30, 31, 32, 58, 47, 73, 14, ...
Jacob:  No Bryan, that's not how it goes. 
Bryan:  (offended)  I get to decide for myself... 16, 42, 36, ...
Jacob:  No, Bryan,...
Bryan:  (deeply offended)  Mommy, Jacob is trying to be in charge of me.
The mathematician in me is concerned at the mathematical relativism.

The Beautiful Butterfly is our new favorite picture book.  It looks like a sweet, sentimental story.  David was adamantly opposed to hearing it.  A sweet butterfly loses her little mouse husband to a hungry fish.  All of nature mourns for her by dropping leaves, singing laments, ... (SPOILER ALERT)  A king comes along and decides to join in the grieving process.  To show his sorrow, he takes off his robe and runs around in his royal underwear.  The brothers h laughed until they could laugh no more.  Then they took off their clothes, put on their robes and acted out the royal underwear scene ad nauseum.*

This is what you find when you tell a seven year old boy (mine at least) to put the rest of snack up in the fridge.
*The mouse is regurgitated when the fish laughs at the underwear shenanigans.


  1. mathematical relativism- hmmm. By the way the fridge picture made me ROFL

  2. We need the counting and royal underwear scene in the 2010 family movie!! My love, Nan


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