Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Ten years never sounded so small...

I read this and was blown away:
"You have only ten years to be in your twenties and only ten years to be in your thirties.  You have only ten years when your child is one to ten.  Then childhood is gone forever."
Wow.  It's obvious, but when I read it, I felt an overwhelming sense of panic.  Remember all the time you spent worrying about your weight as a teenager or twenty-something?  Then you either turned thirty or got hugely pregnant and gained some perspective - "I was skinny and I didn't even know it.  What was I complaining about !?!"

We've just got a few more years of real childhood with David.  He'll stop pretending to be a Jedi soon.  I have a few more months to watch Rand crawl.  We have maybe one more year of Jacob's crazy made up games like Bollyball-bollyball.  Bryan will probably stop making up songs in another year or two.  Once it's gone, it's gone.

And a side of childhood I'm actually excited about leaving behind...

picking up various creepy crawlies.  The found salamanders on our nature walk.  Yuck.


  1. The decades fly faster as we move through life. It is so easy to panic that some part of life is slipping away, but so much more satisfying to be in the moment and enjoy these magic years with our precious boys.

  2. Ten years does sound short. Your kids are infants, then toddlers then riding bikes then teens. Then off too college. You think you can't survive having them out of the nest. Your pray that God will protect them and help them to remember the lessons you hope you have instilled in them. Then life marches on and they are married with precious little children with that familiar look you saw when you held your babies. You remember that God is good as you experience life through the eyes of your precious grandchildren. You know that tickle monster, wollyball and "I wuz you's" are gifts from God and life marches on..... What a good God we have. All my love my precious baby. Nan


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