Monday, October 18, 2010


Bryan was unaccounted for on Saturday, and the house was eerily quiet.  I assumed this meant he was
1.  Playing outside with his brothers.
2.  Playing alone in the basement - probably with the Lego creations his brothers usually won't let him touch.
3.  Wreaking quiet havoc in unknown parts of the house.
Just in case the answer was #3, implying significant effort from me, I figured I might as well enjoy another chapter of my book before dealing with the mess.

I eventually found this in my bathroom.
In this stunning piece, entitled Menstrart*, the artist used a maxi-pad as his canvas and toothpaste as the adhesive for the decorative tampons.

Seriously, I think I could sell this to the Guggenheim.  It's much more interesting than the pane of glass leaning against the wall or the rusty bedsprings on display the last time I was there.

*Menstrart - menstrual art


  1. Oh my goodness. At least it was on tile in the bathroom and not on a wall or worse yet the front door! Reminds me of the time David and Philip used Nanny Merle's kotex for bandages and she found them running around the yard covered in "bandages!"

  2. That is seriously one of the funniest things i have EVER seen!!!!

  3. I am beginning to become concerned about Bryan.

  4. Papa is the concerned party, btw.

  5. Summer - what title did Bryan give to his creation?

  6. Maybe "Panic" - that was the look on his face when I found him.

  7. Maybe "Panic" - that was the look on his face when I found him.

  8. Too funny. Oh my...I'm still laughing at this. You have to watch those quiet creative types!! Hugs!

  9. You are a saint! I love that your first reaction is laughter - and that you are taking time to record it all. You are great! Megan


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