Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Would an outhouse violate our HOA?...

Chris and I sent the boys to bed with an admonishment to BE QUIET AND NOT WAKE THE BABY.  As we were discussing how and when we're going to repair the money pit that is our master bathroom,* we heard blood-curdling screams from the top of the stairs.  I rushed up the stairs and found Bryan soaking wet and screaming...
Bryan:  (screaming)  Mommy, I FELL DOWWWWN.
Me:  (confused)  Bryan, how did you get so wet?
Bryan:  (crying)  I swipped.
Me:  (confused)  Did you fall into the bathtub? (Walk to the bathroom and find an inch of water covering the floor.)  BRYAN DID YOU STOP UP THE SINK AND LET THE WATER POUR OUT?????
Bryan:  (scared)  Mommy, it's okay.  When the water runs out it makes a cool sound like this - shhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
Me:  (stifling laughter)  Go downstairs and tell Daddy what you just told me.  (yelling downstairs)  Chris, first remember that in twenty years you're going to think this is really funny.
As I was cleaning up the bathroom, Bryan came down the hall dragging an evening gown to help me soak up the water.

Here he is in one of his more angelic moments.  He fell asleep during lunch.

In other news, I took this picture last night when the boys were playing a game called Kill David.  I think the rules are self-explanatory.

*The first time water started seeping through the living room ceiling was when I was barely pregnant with Jacob.  Since then, we've been paying a couple hundred dollars a year.  I'm seriously contemplating the advantages of life without indoor plumbing.


  1. This is the greatest blog on the internet.

  2. Cherilyn, you're awesome - you know, because you think I'm awesome (or my blog at least).

  3. Princess, it is a good thing you inherited your mother's patience. Interesting that our two most challenging little ones, Bryan and Ian, were born so close together. Oh no! I just realized that Layla was next! This is not a good trend!

  4. I hadn't thought about that trend. It looks like Evie has definitely broken it.

  5. you do know what this made me think of don't you:-)

  6. Yes!!! You and Blake are saints for not packing him up on the spot and shipping him home.

  7. summer, you crack me up:-)


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