Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Touching, yes. Helpful, errrr...

After Rand fell down the stairs, David and Jacob dressed in battle gear.
David:  We're going to protect Rand from falling down the stairs.  
Touching if not exactly helpful. It's another way they're turning into little men that I don't quite understand. "Someone is hurt. I will pound something or somebody."

Less than 24 hours and he pulled off this cast.

Hopefully cast number 2 will last a little longer.

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  1. Big brothers coming to baby brother's aid...sweet & touching!
    -Love, Gran

  2. I'm so glad you see them for the goofy, good-hearted people they are/are becoming.

    and yeah, I remember when I asked the Doc what to do when T pulled out his g-tube (tummy tube for feeds). "That won't happen," he said. I just looked at him, and none of the nurses would meet my eyes. After the meeting, the nurses were like, "Great question, hon. He's 2: it's going to happen. Here's what to do..."

    They're determined critters.

  3. also, it's fun that to see that Rand's another Shelley baby :)


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