Sunday, January 2, 2011


Somehow we lost a piece to Rand's car seat in Meridian, Mississippi. Ron, my awesome father-in-law who's driving me all over the country this week, thinks the blame lies with the klutz who took him out of the seat (me). But every mystery I ever read said you must ask the question, "Who stands to gain from the crime?" Well, this was Rand before we stopped.

He got an extra 30 minutes crawling around the car while we searched frantically for that stupid piece. I think he's a baby criminal genius. He must have hid it somewhere. Ron ended up buying heavy duty plastic ties and scissors, so now we have to cut him out at every stop.

We made it to John's house. Aaron and the girls came down too.

John and Karen and I stayed up late talking and playing guitar. Conversation...

Me: Did you just pick up guitar on your own?
John: No, I had lessons.
Me: When? How did I not notice that?
John: Ninth grade - you were probably busy looking at index cards.

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  1. Papa says: Resourceful Ron saves the day! Regarding the BCG syndrome, it could be. We do have another diagnosed case of this syndrome in his Uncle John.

  2. Love all of these, but the pic of Evy hugging Rand is priceless! He could be more receptive! Love, Gran


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