Friday, January 21, 2011


If you love Jane Austen and have ever been on the more pathetic end of the needy and desperate - cool and confident dating spectrum, this is a book you should read.  Austenland tells the story of Jane, a thrity-ish year old woman whose obsession with Mr. Darcy has actually affected her life.  Jane is bequeathed a vacation to an English resort where women embrace Regency era speech and dress and are courted by actors playing out Austen-like rolls.  A refreshing and surprising story follows where Jane finds Jane and not some more elegant and reserved version of herself.  She finds Jane with all of her ridiculousness. 

In trying to think of other good Austen material to recommend, I just realized that I own all the Austen books, The Jane Austen Book Club, Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, Marvel's Pride and Prejudice comic book, a Jane Austen figurine, all the Jane Austen movies and a Mr. Darcy paper doll.  I think that puts me on the wrong end of another kind of spectrum.

The boys helped me clean house today.  It cost me about a half gallon of Windex.  The lower halves of all my windows look fantastic.

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  1. Princess: if you were Jane, Darcy would have been fighting off suitors galore. Your affinity for that sort of sappy stuff is why you are able to deal with four little boys and their Daddy!


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