Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Toilet tax and something serious...

I've been griping at the boys for the last year about the unflushed toilet situation around here. It's such an easy, low energy thing to flush a toilet, I've felt like surely I could appeal to their reason through the force of cold logic, okay, more like relentless nagging. I've been spectacularly unsuccessful until this week. On Monday I instituted the rule I've been threatening for several months - anytime I find an unflushed toilet, everyone loses a quarter from their allowance. They lost 75 cents Monday, another 25 cents on Tuesday, and nothing today. Unflushed toilets successfully shifted from my problem to theirs. All those episodes of Intervention have paid off.
About once a week I hear " Mommy, come quick, it's something SERIOUS." I know what's awaiting me will be

1. Life threatening for one of the brothers h
2. Hugely annoying to me (mayhem and destruction) OR
3. Highly entertaining

Well, there were no screams with the urgent summons today, so I knew I was facing situation 2 or 3 and finished up the dishes before investigating. I found this.

I have no idea how or why, but he managed to buckle his upper body into the car seat and couldn't move. It's a testament to his sunny nature that he laughed and said yes when I asked if I could grab the camera and take a picture before freeing him. I think life is going to be easy on him in a way that it will not be on a couple of his brothers.  Although if he does this kind of stupid stuff without peer pressure, he'll have problems of his own.

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  1. All have their special gifts and will find their ways. Such precious boys. All my love, Nan


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