Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Simon says...

We played Simon Says last night.  There was mayhem.  There were dirty tricks.  There was a fundamental misapprehension of the object of the game.
The misunderstanding...
Bryan:  Simon says jump.
Bryan:  Simon says pull your ear.
Bryan:  Simon says read a book...
(Continue for five minutes with every instruction preceded by, "Simon says."
Bryan:  Simon says spin around
Me:  (whispering)  You have to not say, "Simon says' somtimes,
Bryan:  Simon says sit down.
Chris:  (laughing) Bryan, don't say "Simon says,"
Bryan:  Simon says touch your head.
Me and Chris:  Okay, someone else's turn now...

The mayhem...
David:  Simon says spank Mommy.
Me:  No.  Try again.
David:  Simon says spank yourself.
David:  Simon says kick each other...

And in a shameless use of parental insight...
Me:  Simon says pat your belly.
Me:  Pretend fight with lightsabers.
I caught all three of them.

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