Friday, January 7, 2011

Magic hair...

We gave each of the boys a date as one of their Christmas gifts this year.  Chris and his dad took David and Jacob skiing.  It was a huge hit.  It's somewhat reconciling me to the fact that in a matter of days, I'll be done with crawling babies FOREVER.  There are perks to getting everyone past infancy.  Rand's date was Chick-fil-A and the mall play area.  Bryan and I went to see Tangled and to eat at Pizzeria Uno.  I had so much fun having him on my own.  Highlights:
  1. The parking garage was almost full so we had to park on level 8.  It was one of the most thrilling things that has ever happened to Bryan.  He builds parking garages almost every day.  He said goodbye to each level during the thirty minutes it took us to exit the parking garage.
  2. He sat on my lap during the movie.   About half way through he got really upset worrying over whether Rapunzel was going to get back to her real mom and dad.  I love that the boy/girl relationship is not even noticeable to him right now.  I had to pull a Bert and Ernie and tell him the end of the story.*
  3. We went to visit Chris at work after the movie.  Bryan pronounced, "Aunt Angela has magic hair.  Daddy does not have magic hair."
Aunt Angela
*In Elmo in Grouchland, Bert and Ernie burst on the screen halfway through the movie to assure the kids that Elmo is really going to get his blankie back from the bad guy in the end.

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