Monday, August 30, 2010


A recent phone conversation between Jacob and his cousin, Bella.
Jacob:  Hi Bella.
Bella:  My dad is going to take us to a food store all by ourselves.
Jacob:  Do you know what I'm doing?
Bella:  We're going to the food store (restaurant).
Jacob:  I'm plussing.
Bella:  Isn't it going to be fun?
Jacob:  Do you know what ten plus ten equals?
Bella:  He's going to take us by ourselves.
Jacob:  (After some maternal prompting, begins to understand what Bella is saying.)  Wow.  That's awesome.  

Now Bryan comes to the phone and has a conversation with Ian about how they're going to the food store by themselves with his mom.   Meanwhile, Ian is having a conversation about Bryan's trucks.  I love the straightforward self-centeredness of a child.  The grown-up version is more subtle.  Many times, especially early in our marriage, Chris and I have gotten into an argument when the real problem is that he's having a conversation about "trucks" while I'm talking about "restaurants".  It still happens now but with time we've learned to clarify one another's positions before bringing out the heavy weaponry.

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  1. Hey, I understand the maturing process of discussions with spouses. IN the early days, was not as pretty as it is now. Someone had to be right and someone had to apologize. Over time, I have learned, just because I am right, Michael doesn't have to admit it. I just know..... That is maturing, isn't it....... Nan


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