Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Just a shot of tequila helps the medicine go down...

So we had such a great time at the Kennedy Center last week, I decided to take the boys again Monday to see
"The cast of the national tour of Mary Poppins strut their high belting, energized, tap dancing stuff in an evening of song."
What comes to mind when you read that - a couple of songs from Mary Poppins, right?  Perhaps even a song from the original Supernanny herself?  Unfortunately, the description should have read:
"The minor cast of Mary Poppins, including four Jane Banks and zero Mary Poppins, sing random Broadway tunes, plus one guy tap dances."
They falsely advertised it so effectively that we were packed in there like cattle.  Have you experienced infant claustrophobia - where you are stuck with no escape in a public setting with a child who is about to lose it?  The worst case I've heard of involved my sister-in-law and her two oldest children.  They were flying on an old-school Southwest airplane with a row of rear facing seats at the front of the plane.  This was the only available row on the plane.  The boys were little, and the 13 month old had already missed his nap.  He was horrible on this flight - screaming, throwing his sippy cup (which hit another passenger), throwing his toys,...  My very sweet, very shy sister-in-law had to sit facing her irate fellow passengers through all of these shenanigans.  She swore she'd rather make the 700 mile drive by herself than ever do that again.

Well, my plan for this concert hinged on my ability to walk, or at least stand and bounce, with Rand on my back.  I brought a bagel and a bottle merely as a DEFCON 1 option.  Ten minutes into this show (that sucked) he had just about polished off the bagel, and I looked around and realized there was no escape.  There were people crammed in all around us.  I was stuck at this stupid concert with a child who was going to implode.

Well, he made it through the concert with only a few isolated screams.  A shot of tequila to help the stress go down would have been nice, though.


  1. Rand looks like Bryan in this picture. Sorry you were so disappointed by the production. Gran

  2. Rand does look like Bryan in that picture. Love, love, love your blog! You need to write a book. My love to all, Nan


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