Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Little brothers, being the fourth, five is still little and slackers...

I love watching the big boys with Rand.  All three of them make me wish I had an older brother (not that little brothers don't rock), but each of them interacts with him in a different way.  David is always on the lookout for his safety.  Are there small toys on the floor?  Could he bang his head on anything?  If I leave Rand crying for longer than David feels is appropriate (only happens once or twice a month, I swear), he picks him up and stands beside me holding him until I can get to him.  Jacob is just hugely entertained by him.  Almost every time Rand wakes up, Jacob wants to run upstairs and climb into his crib with him.  He seeks him out more than the other two.  Bryan doesn't pound Rand when he knocks over his buildings.  Given Bryan's age and rage issues, that is pretty impressive.  According to David and Jacob, Bryan is the best angry fighter EVER.  Hopefully Rand won't have to learn that by experience any time soon.
When Rand is tired, he grabs a handful of my shirt then collapses on my chest and puts his thumb in his mouth.  What a classic youngest child move.  "If I don't grab onto her, she'll just put me down when I start sucking my thumb."  The other day I was delusionally (that's a word, right) trying to keep Rand happy with tupperware on the kitchen floor so that I could finish one last chore before putting him to bed.  I had on long baggy pants.  He kept crawling after me, grabbing a fistful of my pants, sticking his thumb in his mouth and laying down on the floor to try to sleep.  Every time I walked away he would flip out and crawl after me again.  Please don't ask me why I couldn't put him down first and then finish the chores.  Once I've decided to do things in a certain order, it generally takes A LOT more than a crying baby to change my mind.
We had a busy morning and I found this in the living room during rest time.  Because he has two younger siblings, sometimes I forget how little he still is.
We were at Target today and Jacob saw gift bows.  
Jacob:  Wow Mommy, can we get those sometime?
Me:  What?
Jacob:  Those things.  They're supposed to go on presents.
It took a few minutes to really hit me - buying the ribbon and intending to tie bows on their gifts is different than actually tying bows on their gifts.  Is this one of those things my future daughter-in-law will pity him about?


  1. pity? Jacob just showed how smart he is... why fret over tying a bow when you can buy one preassembled! :)

  2. Those babies need there Nan!! I never will forget the time I found you asleep in the kitchen floor with your head on an upside down saucepan.!! Love, Nan


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