Monday, August 23, 2010

David's heart and power tools...

We had a great time with Chris' dad a few weeks ago.  He came out to do all the home improvement projects that we hate.  Even more than the home improvement, which is awesome, I loved watching the boys interact with their grandfather.  David in particular really bonded with him.  There were several power tools involved in the projects.  Ron explained how everything worked and even took David's suggestions a few times.  He also got some scrap wood and let the three big boys use his staple gun, nail gun and drill.  Really, I think it was life-changing for them.   They weren't wild.  They were serious, as men with power tools should be (except they also wanted to be video taped). 

I don't understand it.  It's not the way I work, but something about all those tools grabbed David's heart.

You've never seen cool til you've seen a baby with an "I love derivatives" shirt.


  1. I bet Ron had just as good of a time as the boys!

    The shirt is great- and true on so many levels (from the point of view as a brother, son, etc.) :)


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