Friday, June 18, 2010


It's hard to watch someone you love being wheeled away to surgery. My brother has thyroid cancer and had his thyroid removed today. He's a powerful, young man, and there was something wrong about him in a hospital bed - like some rule of the universe had been violated. We were concerned at times this past week that we might lose him. There was a lot of painful waiting. Now we have John back, but John may not get his singing voice back. My brother loves to sing. I am praying that God will give him back his song.

I've been thinking this week about things I love about John.

- He gives great parenting advice.
- He's fearless, as evidenced by the broken bones and concussions.
- He loves my children and is intentional about spending time with them.
- He shows up. When I went into labor with Caleb, he got pulled over twice on the way to Houston.
- He's a wonderful father.
- He loves to sing.
- He wrote a song for Caleb.
- He loves the Lord.
- When Chris and I were first dating, John told Mom and Dad that Chris was exactly the kind of guy they would imagine that I would marry.
- He can make anything fun. When David got stressed about his testing this week, John made him a test. Question 1 showed a dog pooping and asked whether it was a) dog poop b) dad c) mom. David had a good laugh and forgot his stress.
- A hundred other things ...

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  1. friend, I've been hugging you from here all week.

  2. I know this is not in the same galaxy as what you went through, but cancer sucks.


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