Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Highlights from the trip to see my brothers...

- Explained the lyrics to various "angry girl" songs to my boys.
- Cheered for Karen and Angela in their first triathlon.

- Had a couple of fantastic meals with Aaron and Angela.
- Layla: "David, hold my hand."
- Ian: "Mom says I can't have water cause it makes me sick. Mom says I need chocolate milk."
- Watched the cousins play.
- Jacob: "Come here, Layla. I'll hold your hand."

- Hung out with two of the three best sisters-in-law in the world.
- Analyzed the lyrics to Hallelujah and Jacob and 2 Women with Mom, Dad, John and Karen
- Heard Rand laughing hysterically. Found Layla in his bed with him.
- Watched the boys play tag and roll down a hill at a rest stop in Tennessee.
- Held Bryan's hand through the "Small Fry Try" kids triathlon.

- Listened to Harry Potter with the boys and realized I sounded more like Mr. Dursley than Dumbledore. Helped me chill out for the second half of the drive.
- Two-year-old Layla shaved her legs, ate dog food and rubbed her body down with liquid hand soap.

- Ate the best carrot cake I've ever had.
- Had dinner with an old friend.
- Let David (7) and Andrew (8) put the baby bed together by themselves.
- Great conversations with my brothers.
- Played Carcasonne with J.T. and David.
- Broke it to my dad that even though I've been at my brother's house for a week, I still don't know which way the interstate is from his house.

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  1. sweetie take your knickers off and show me what you were doing on your knees to need band aids


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