Friday, June 11, 2010

Brothers h conversation in 2009...

Flipping through my 2009 journal I found the following notes about the brothers h...

Jacob wants to name the new baby Boy Bella and call him Jack or Terrible.

One of the first times David was in big church with us, we took communion. We didn't let him receive it and gave a quick whispered explanation that you receive communion after you have accepted Jesus. A few days later, David told me he wanted to accept Jesus into his heart. I probed a little to determine what was going on and if he understood what he said. Eventually he said, "Sometimes I get really hungry and thirsty at church." I assured him that it was a small bite of bread and one sip of juice and so would not help much in terms of a snack.

Bryan, after hearing we were having lasagna for dinner: "But I don't wike zawnya. Zawnya is the stinkiest."

Jacob had a pretty spectacular poop accident in the bathroom. I was cleaning it up. He stood in the bathroom and said, "Mommy, you're doing a great job cleaning up. You're one of my best friends." (Please don't dwell on why he felt compelled to butter me up in this situation. It's not nice.)

We go to the beach every year with my family. There are some large shrubs beside the walkway leading to the beach. I had taken Jacob back to the house for something. We held hands on the way back to the beach. As we passed by the shrubs he said, "When I'm a grownup I will not be scared of those bushes."

Jacobism: "I wis," as in we are, he is, I wis.


  1. Haha I especially like the communion idea David had...You've gotta admit as a kid, that sounds like a sweet deal: accept Jesus into your heart, then get free snacks in church!

  2. Does make very good six year old sense.


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