Tuesday, January 29, 2013

A referendum on vegetables...

Last week at dinner I pointed out that Chris hadn't touched his vegetables.*
Chris:  They'll make me sick. 
Me:  I think that's awfully suspicious.  Let's take a vote.  Do you think they're really making Daddy sick or is he shamelessly using chemo as an excuse?
David, who knows where he inherited his genius for gaming the system, voted with me.  Ron didn't eat his vegetables either, so he voted with Chris, in the hope, I think, that father of the chemo patient is also a legitimate excuse.  Rand and Bryan voted for both of us.  Bryan because, "I voted for both your teams," and Rand because he's three.  Jacob voted for Chris because,
"I don't think cancer man should have to eat his vegetables."
So, cancer man won the vegetable referendum 5 to 4.

* Lots of fabulous cooks have been bringing us delicious meals, so I have to point out that these were just frozen veggies I popped in the microwave.

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  1. Papa says: yet another example of emotion and special interest groups driving voters to a bad election result.


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