Sunday, May 1, 2011

Where two or more are gathered...

Today was my last day at church...

In the praise and worship band I see the man who taught me how to play the guitar, the man who helped me pick out a guitar, and a man whose kids have grown up in church with mine. The worship leader was a kind of goofy high school junior when we moved here. Now he leads worship, and he's amazing at it.

I see a woman and her beautiful seven year old daughter. She was pregnant with that child when I met her. I imparted all the wisdom of a first time mom of a four month old on my first visit to her house.

I see a man who had dinner at my house six years ago. He was heartbroken at the time. Through this church, God has brought such healing to him.

My pastor preaches a sermon that touches my heart and my mind. He nudges me weekly toward the narrow way.

In the hall I pass a man who loves the Lord with quiet relentlessness. I know this because for two years I taught his daughter in Sunday School. She told me what he taught her.

I see so many women who have brought me meals and cared for my children.

I see God's people taking communion. The elders serve first the congregants, then one another. I know many of their stories. I've seen in their lives how God can take what is broken and make it beautiful. It feels like the smallest taste of what heaven will be like.

I'm going to miss this church.

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  1. I miss Gateway so much. Leaving that church was the worst part of moving away!

  2. A sweet, sweet church. We loved going to church with you when visiting. GOd will lead you to another church family.


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