Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I zhike my boots...

I love these boots. I had my eye out for cute boots with no heel for several months before I found them. Normally when I want to fish for a compliment, Chris is my victim of choice. He was already working in Houston, so in desperation I tried to pry a compliment out of David...

Me: Do you like my boots?
David: (confused apathy) They're okay I guess.
Me: (sigh)

On the cruise, our room connected to the room where my three year old niece Layla stayed. As I was putting on my boots for dinner Layla ran in the room...

Layla: (enthusiasm) Aunt Summer, I zhike your boots.


In other news, Jacob lost his first tooth yesterday.

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  1. You might have to rely on Layla instead of the Brothers H when you need a compliment on your outfit, etc. Love the picture of excited he must be!
    Love, Gran

  2. Remember that the waiter on the cruise liked your boots and your style!

  3. Papa says: So my several compliments on your boots didn't count???

  4. I LOVE your boots! Sweet, sweet Jacob can't be old enough to lose a tooth. Love the picture.


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