Monday, May 16, 2011

We're back...

Things I want to remember from the cruise...
- David, J.T. and Andrew exploring the ship together and drinking Cokes in the Viking Crown lounge.
- Hanging out on the balcony.
- Ian and I with the same hairdo.
- Aaron winning Bingo.
- David and Andrew dancing at the family disco because I wouldn't let David swim until they danced.
- Getting all 20 of us on a boat to Cococay at the same time.
- The little boys in jackets and ties and the little girls in fancy dresses on formal nights.
- Jacob so excited about his date with Chris.
- The boys making up a complex war game in the empty arcade.
- Bryan to Gran on their date: "I'm glad I'm not as old as you. You're a hundred years old."
- Playing checkers with the boys in the game room. I offered to switch sides of the board with David if he got frustrated. He immediately began sacrificing his men then asked to switch sides.
- Rand riding all over the ship in the backpack.
- Wonderful dinners and an absurd amount of food.

Things I'm okay forgetting...
- Rand's daily nasty overflowing diapers
- Finding out in St. Thomas that 2 piña coladas and 3 virgin daiquiris cost $50 after we ordered them.

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