Saturday, May 28, 2011

For granted...

Things you don't appreciate until they're gone...

- beds
- air conditioning
- bottle openers
- Bryan and Rand

That should give a pretty good picture of life for the household h at this point. We still don't have our stuff. The AC broke yesterday.

* Update: I wrote this a few days ago. We STILL don't have movers, but we do have Bryan, Rand, AC and bottle openers, so other than my relationship with the moving company, things have vastly improved.

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  1. I came past your blog through the Well Trained Mind Blog Rolls and your have some cute kids. I can so relate to the no ac and stuff when we where w/o it for a week when a hurricane hit close to our home a few years back. NOT fun in this Florida heat. Your kids are so cute. Hope all works out with your move.

    Lil' Momma
    Living with a hard working husband, 2 preschoolers and 1 middle schooler who are Five in Training for HIM


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