Monday, February 7, 2011

Summer the vampire slayer...

So we watched Shrek Forever After the other day, and it stressed me out.  Shrek's world changes to one in which he'd never been born.  Fiona was a warrior princess instead of his wife and the mother of his children.  She was fierce.  She was cool.  She had a fleet of ogres following her.  It stressed me out.  What if Shrek saw Fiona, the Xena edition, and thought, "Wow.  She's edgy and interesting and ... completely different from Fiona, the mommy edition."  After the movie...
Me:  That movie stressed me out.  What if Shrek thought the warrior princess version of Fiona was a lot more interesting.
Chris:  (blank look and the beginnings of panic)  I know there's a right answer to this.  I just don't know what it it.
Me:  It's "I don't think you're boring."
Chris:  (relief that he's dealing with the version of his wife that tells him the right answer instead of getting pissed)  I don't think you're boring.
Happy forever after.

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