Friday, February 4, 2011

Lifegiver stream of consciousness, the survival edition...

So I wrote Lifegiver stream of consciousness last week.  Then, Chris went out of town and I got the flu, along with three of the brothers.  My mothering "rules" got streamlined.

Lifegiver stream of consciousness, survival edition...
  • Feed the boys.
  • Try not to yell.
  • Use a shameless amount of TV to accomplish the point above.


  1. We've gone in and out of survival mode over the last few months for different reasons. When my husband gets home from work (he's been working late) I announce proudly that the kids are fed and still alive. (and i have half the number of kids you do!)

  2. I also meant to say: Hope you feel better soon!!!!!!

  3. hahaha It's ok. That's how I feel about personal grooming habits when it's cold, so you're still outdoing me by far.

  4. Thanks, Roxana. I think the people in my house have mostly recovered from the flu. Now I just need to nurse the house back to some version of health.

    Sarah, your comments could make their own blog. I definitely think you should rethink moving to Chicago.


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