Thursday, November 11, 2010

Prayerful warrior...

During breakfast I noticed some workers in the backyard burying a line.  Thinking it would be nice for the boys to bring them drinks, I pointed out the men and asked if they could think of anything nice we could do for them.  David suggested we pray for them.  I was taken aback, mainly because as regards prayer, he believes what I tell him - in a way that affects his behavior - more than I do.  We prayed for the men, and with enough leading, Jacob suggested drinks.
Me:  Who wants to take the lemonade to them?
Jacob and Bryan:  (with gusto) Me, me, me.  I'll do it!
Me:  David, do you want to take some lemonade to them also? 

David:  (holding toy knives and staring out the back window)  No.  (to Jacob and Bryan)  I'll watch you, and if they try to hurt you, I'll cut them with my knives.


  1. Summer,
    Like his namesake, our David is indeed a warrior. His contributions to this year's Beach story were that of a warrior. JT, Andrew and David were leader, terrorist (Andrew was adamant about that) and chief warrior, respectively, in the story. Not surprisingly, they were enamored with their roles. How unusual is it that three such powerfully spirited and "manly" boys are at the same time prayerful. I am so proud that my children are such good parents.

  2. <3 <3 <3 <3 total greatness. those are some first-rate kiddos you're raising there.


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