Saturday, November 20, 2010

Disney day 8...

Because their daddy is a rock star, each of the boys got to choose one last ride at any park. This morning we loaded up the car and then did each of the favorite rides.

Bryan picked Big Thunder Mountain at Magic Kingdom. We were the only people on the ride.

Jacob chose Mission Space at Epcot.

David picked The Sum of all Thrills at Epcot. This was one of my favorite rides when I was a kid. You design your own roller coaster and then do a simulated ride. Twenty years ago, the simulation was just a computer screen. Now you actually ride in a seat connected to a robotic arm with a screen in front of you. Very cool.

In a classic but unfortunate baby move, Rand had a massive blowout in the middle of our parkhop, the only day I was traveling light and had no extra clothes for him. The bathroom attendant fussed at me for bathing him (after wiping him off) in the bathroom sink. Seriously? Isn't that where we wash our hands after we poop?

Further evidence that Chris is a rock star - he carried Jacob a lot today because we remembered that he's still little even though he has two little brothers who take up all the stroller space.

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