Monday, November 15, 2010

Disney day 3...

Her first trip to Disney World...

Conversation in David and Bryan's room last night.

Bryan: (excited) Tomorrow we're going to see Mickey Mouse.
David: (with condescension) You know he's not real, right.
Bryan: (with confidence) Yes he is.
David: (with all the wisdom of his 7 years). No he's just a robot or something.
Bryan: (completely undisturbed and giggling at how ridiculous David can be) David, you're wrong.

Conversation in Jacob and Bella's room on the heels of a couple rides that were too scary (Everest and Dinosaur).

Bella: I'm scared I'm going to have nightmares about monsters.
Jacob: (serious) Bella, if you think there's a real monster, don't scream cause then the monster will know where you are.

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