Monday, December 10, 2012

Urban retreat spa and imaging...

I love the medical testing process.  This is somewhat oversimplified, but when you boil it down to essentials, it goes like this.
Patient: My knee hurts. 
Doctor: You may have cancer. 
Doctor now sends Patient to another facility where Patient then is
  1. Told to undress - you know, in case he isn't uncomfortable enough already.
  2. Strapped to a table inside a machine for 45 minutes of thundering heartbeat sounds with overlaid slamming noises so loud it requires earplugs.  
  3. Handed a panic button.
There's nothing to do but think about whether or not this thing on your leg is cancer.  Can you read? No.  Can you listen to music or a book?  No.  It's just you and your thoughts.  Three hours ago your life was normal.  Now you may have cancer.  Just think on that for FORTY-FIVE minutes with a horror film sound track playing in the background.  Push the panic button if it gets to be too much and you want out.  I wanted to leap from my chair on the side and pound the hell out of that panic button.
Seriously, medical testing folks need to get with the spa people.  When I got a facial, they offered me a glass of wine in case I was nervous.  In the background birds were chirping and water was running.  All the lights were dim.  We needed some of that action in the MRI room.

* This is not a commentary on the medical staff or facility where Chris was checked.  They were great.  The doctor who referred him was great.  The process is just... disconcerting.


  1. You are sooo funny! Brilliant ideas! I have a friend that shows up with Starbucks & treats for medical appointments. Always. Maybe send Chris with chocolate chip cookies ;-)

    Love ya'll,

  2. COMPLETELY agree on this one!!! I've had several MRIs and thought that they need to work with a music therapist for this process! Hugs!

  3. I think you should open your own MRI Spa. It's a million dollar idea!

  4. I just got updatd on my blog, your husband and your family are all in our prayers.


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