Sunday, December 2, 2012


(This one is from a few months ago.)

Corroborating evidence
1.  We played chess with the boys tonight.
2.  We're reading The Hobbit together and they love it.

Contrary evidence
1.  The boys were inspired by Tolkien's gristly word on goblins:
"Hammers, axes, swords, daggers, pickaxes, tongs, and also instruments of torture, they make very well, or get other people to make to their design..."
They had all sorts of ideas on the specifics of how goblins might amuse themselves by torturing folks.
David:  They could chop off their toes one at a time and cut off a little more of their legs every day.
Bryan:  They could pull out their eyes. 
Jacob:  They could chop off their heads. 
David:  No, you don't want them to die right away.
2.  Chess lasted a little too long, so bedtime was a hyperactive melee.  There were wedgies, races up and down the hall, empty threats, toddler pronouncements obviously planted by older brothers:  "Mo-nee (Mommy) pee-pee her pants."

But seriously, we were playing chess, so I have to go with civilized on this one.

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  1. Robby is actually listening to The Hobbit for the first time on audiobook and he loves it! We are both excited to see the movie coming out in a week or so!


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