Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Cancered cruise...

Chris and I were supposed to go on a cruise with my extended family* this week.  Our cruise got cancered, but because my parents, grandmother, brothers and sisters-in-law are awesome, my children still got to go.  Here's Chris with the cruisers before they left.
Usually, this kind of picture involves much wailing and gnashing of teeth, but, as much as cancer sucks, it's kind of magic, too.
Me:  First, I would like to remind everyone that Chris has cancer.  Second, I want all of you to line up on the stairs so I can take a picture.
That was the most orderly and cheerful family picture we've ever taken.  The only exception was Rand who still threw a fit and had to be bribed with candy.  But that was kind of comforting.  A toddler is still a toddler.  He has no respect for cancer.

The morning after they all left for the cruise, several things came together to indicate that it was divinely ordained that I should console myself at the mall Monday before we started rapid-fire appointments the rest of the week..

  1. I found cash I'd forgotten.
  2. The gift card I thought had $5 was really worth $100.
  3. New York & Co. was a running a store wide 50% off sale.
So, I may be at M.D. Anderson this week instead of a cruise, but I'll be looking fabulous.

* Because my parents are rock stars, they got us all a cruise for Christmas.
** Chris starts chemo Thursday.
*** For my praying people, here are specific ways you can pray (or generally send good vibes if you're not the praying type) for us:
  1. That chemo would be effective.  That really (and probably obviously) effects his prognosis.
  2. That we would have patience, grace, energy and kindness with the boys when they get back.
  3. That we would look out for one another's interests in this.  
  4. That I'll still be nice when he's nauseated and cranky.


  1. ...and you DO look fabulous! Praying!

  2. I'm glad you're properly using the cancer card. My mom knew how to work it better than anyone. Because of her Leukemia her arms were TERRIBLY bruised from all the blood they drew every day. We would be playing cards in the middle of the night, waiting on the "vampires", and when she would start to lose she would slowly tilt her bruised arm toward me and make sighing noises. When that wouldn't work she would say "You know, I'm not feeling so sharp...it's the chemo...THAT's why you're beating me." Once I convinced her to snatch off her wig and guilt a woman who was cutting in front of us on Black Friday. It was epic. I am praying for you both. Thank God for family, thank God for shopping, thank God for looking fabulous, thank God for the many ways he's meeting you in this time!

  3. following every word and will pray specifically for the above. Yall both look fabulous and are keeping a positive sense of humor, which i love. Praying for your hearts this week and sending big hugs. yall are rock stars!!!

    love from NoVA!! Matt, Laura, Jordan and Cyrus :)

  4. Definitely praying for all of the above! And I totally consider shopping a divine tender mercy when the rest of life is chaotic.

  5. Wait this is Emily but I guess I am logged in under my husband. (Oops!)

  6. Jessica Leminger jess.leminger@gmail.comDecember 24, 2012 at 9:11 PM

    Praying for you both. If you need/want to talk to a bone cancer survivor, please let me know and I'll get a hold of my uncle.


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