Monday, June 27, 2011

Things I should have said no to today...

1.  At the self checkout line at Kroger:  "Can we help you scan everything?"  I don't think it's necessary to describe what went down.

2.  "I want you to make the Pokemon cake with the stripes."  This is the downside to a sunny disposition.  You never think it's going to be a big deal.  An hour into those stripes, I was really wishing I'd said, "But green is your favorite color.  Wouldn't you rather have a green background?"

What I actually said no to:

I hated to break his heart.  He crawled up between them and they put a seatbelt on him.  He had such hopes.


  1. Happy birthday precious Jacob Aaron! I bet Rand threw a Rand size fit when you moved him. Love, Nan

  2. Such a sweet picture of my baby boy...he seems very happy and SO proud of himself. Bet his little heart was broken when you moved him.
    Love, Gran


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