Monday, June 6, 2011

Pain and suffering in the household h...

At lunch on Sunday...
Bryan:  (crying hysterically, heart broken)  Jacob hurted my feewings.
Me:  What did he say?
Bryan:  (crying between words)  He said raise your hand if you like cake, and I raised my hand, and then he said it was a poopy cake.  (more outraged tears)
Phone conversation later on that day with my favorite pediatrician after more antics at the household h...
Me:  Theoretically, if you were to vigorously squirt water up your nose, could it hurt your ear?
Dr. Janet:  (amused)  Yes.  (something about your nose and ear being connected that I only vaguely understand)  Did he bleed from his ear?
Me:  No.  He was really hurting right after the water gun incident.  Then he was fine for a few hours.  Then it started hurting him horribly again when I asked him to help clean up the gameroom.
Dr. Janet:  (laugh)  I think he's fine.
WARNING:  If you fire these water guns straight up into the air, don't lean over to watch. 


  1. You need to make a dirt cake and tell the boys it is a poopy cake.........after they have taken a couple of bites. Let B in on it up front! Love you guys.


  2. Papa says: Jacob is in danger of reaping a bitter harvest when Bryan gets bigger. He may lack sharp eyesight, but has several extra helpings of strength in response. As "W" would say, Bryan can go "neucular" on ya! Glad to see David taking care of the fountain in the background!

  3. All boys home Read your post We all roared Could have been an Allen boy antic ending w/ one in tears They still laugh at poopy!

  4. I don't know whether to be depressed or encouraged by that, Diane.


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