Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A radical commitment to laziness...

While I do not understand why anyone would want to play outside in snowless sub-thirty degree weather, I must say that having to be compelled to...
wear socks,
zip up your jacket,
wear gloves,
put your hood on,...
demonstrates a pretty radical commitment to laziness.  In a more nuanced demonstration of laziness mixed with righteous indignation...
All the boys are in the basement with their respective water bottles. 
Bryan:  (stomping up the stairs with righteous indignation) David's not letting me decide for myself.
Me:  What are you wanting to do?
Bryan:  He's just not letting me decide for myself.
Me:  (suspicious)  Bryan, what were you trying to do?
Bryan:  I just wanted to touch his water bottle.
Me:  Why can't you just touch your water bottle?
Bryan:  Mine wasn't next to me.
Me:  (amused) You walked upstairs to tell me that? 


  1. Oh the weight of being the oldest brother H! Bryan, you have to respect him wanting to decide for himself. Love those sweet boys! Nan

  2. At least Bryan is not lazy!! Papa


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