Thursday, February 23, 2012

Toddler attitude...

Rand still isn't talking.  Two wonderful ladies from Early Intervention came out to evaluate him, and their conclusion was that... he's the pampered youngest child and has no reason to talk.  We all get him everything he needs without words.  So, one of their suggestions was that when we know he wants, say cheese, offer him cheese and something we know he doesn't want, like a carrot.  We're to try to get him to say the word.  We haven't had much, or well any, success so far.  A few days ago, I went through the rigamarole with him again...

Me:  (cheery, and possibly annoying)  Rand, do you want CHEESE or CARROT?  CHEESE or CARROT?  CHEESE or CARROT?

And Rand, who would have rolled his eyes if he knew how, toddled his way over to the table (which I hadn't cleared from lunch two hours earlier - hardly ever happens, really) and started eating stale pizza crust.  He didn't say it out loud, but I could tell that in his heart he was saying, "Whatever."


  1. T was the same way. We thought it was due to brain stuff, but it was mostly that we were at his beck and call. I love, though, how carrots are the obvious non-option. ;)

  2. This is wonderful!

    Did Rand ever get his cheese?

    I told you the story about my baby brother, Johnny - youngest of five, and my mother asking the doctor about him not talking, right?


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