Friday, February 10, 2012

Things I learned while skiing...

1. Put your kids in ski school to learn to ski.
2. Do not take your kids down a slope unless the ski school teacher says they're ready for it. No, not even that blue slope that you don't think is as hard as what they've already done. You're wrong. It's going to be ugly.
3. There is an arrangement of the universe where my kids will ask to go to bed at 6:30 without dinner.
4. Little kids are INSANE. Every day after a full day of skiing, they spent another hour playing in the snow. Seriously, that makes me want to cry.
5. When getting on a chair lift, it's more important to ensure that you and your 6 year old are safely on the lift than to wipe the snow off first, so your butts don't freeze. How, you may ask, did I learn this lesson. FROM THE TEN FOOT FALL Jacob and I took from a lift. He didn't get on all the way because I took a crucial second to wipe the seat. I tried to pull him on, but then we both ended up falling. In retrospect, I should have just pushed him all the way off early on before we got so high. But that doesn't play so well in your mom of the year video footage.
6. Above point freaked me out even more because on the previous run I let the boys ride the lift alone. WHAT WAS I THINKING???

But, a ski trip is not complete without a near death experience, right?

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  1. I grew up skiing with my family. As I child I didn't fully appreciate all that my parents went through to teach six kids to ski. Now as a parent, I'm amazed at all they must have gone through. I'm sure your boys had a great time and as far as the ski lift goes.... it will be one of the best family stories ever!

  2. Sorry I was logged in under my husband. It is me.


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