Thursday, August 25, 2011

Toddler rage...

My sister-in-law told me a story about working in the toddler nursery at church.  There were a lot of kids that morning and she and the other worker tried to figure out what to do to keep them entertained.  They decided to bring out the little plastic toddler roller coaster.  It was a disaster.  The kid who was on it loved it - it was the greatest thing they'd ever experienced.  But then they had to get off and let someone else have a turn.  Standing in line and taking turns is mostly incomprehensible to toddlers (which is why I will not go to Disney World with my kids when they are between 1 and 3).  At any given time they had one child who was thrilled and 14 who were screaming with rage.

We had a similar phenomenon here a few nights ago.  David was giving the boys rides around the house on Rand's little push car.  During Rand's turn, he loved it.  He smiled.  He laughed.  He cooed and babbled.  Then it was someone else's turn.  

He screamed with unbridled rage.  David had to peel him off. 
He chased the car screeching and shaking his fist. 
Then it was his turn again, and he plopped himself on the car and started giggling again. 
Eventually they decided to move to two drivers because my six- and eight-year-olds have more compassion than their heartless mother who just grabs the camera.

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