Monday, August 8, 2011

Being four...

We sat out on the patio tonight with the boys after dark...
(Kids laughing at a backyard neighbor's house)  
Bryan:  I'm going to go see who's making all that noise. 
David:  I hope Big Foot doesn't get you. 
Bryan:  (90% confidence, 10% fear)  David, I know you're wrong.  Big Foot lives in Nathan's barn (their cousin who lives a few hours a way and recently spent a few days with us). 
David:  No, remember, Nathan said he saw Big Foot leaving his house and heading here.  He said Big Foot likes to eat kids who sleep in top bunks with a crib underneath.  (Bryan is the only kid among all the cousins who has those sleeping arrangements). 
(Chris and I finally stop snickering like junior high children and intervene.) 
Me:  Bryan, there's no Big Foot in the yard.  You can go. 
Bryan:  No, I'll stay here. 
Me:  Do you want me to go with you? 
Bryan:  (unsure) Okay.  (Grabs my hand.  We walk two feet into the grass.)  I'm all done.

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