Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The soothing sounds of Jerry Springer...

We were at the hospital a few weeks ago, and I went to the coffee shop to grab a drink while we waited.  It was a weekday, and the shop was crowded.  A Jerry Springer kind of show was blaring on the TV.  Angry people were screaming at one another.  Half the words were bleeped out.  The guy standing next to me was trying to carry on a conversation but kept getting distracted by the noisy show.  After he had looked over his shoulder in exasperation again,
Distracted guy:  (consternation) Why are they playing this show?  Does anybody want to listen to this over their morning coffee? 
Me:  (answering his obviously rhetorical question that wasn't even directed to me) It's actually soothing.  It offers a nice contrast.  My life may suck right now, but at least my husband isn't sleeping with my ex-stepmom.

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