Monday, June 10, 2013

Keeping it light...ish...

Things over here have been pretty heavy lately.  I've decided to take a week, set aside existential angst and  post something daily that makes me laugh.  It'll be lowbrow, morbid or both.  A lot of it is stuff I've said to make myself laugh, which is at least weird, and maybe worse, but it's healthier than turning to not so recreational drug use, right?

Today's story is from several years ago.  My mom has this necklace with three large pearls strung on a leather cord.  When Jacob was about three years old, he loved moving the pearls back and forth while she held him.  One day, he looked innocently into her eyes and said,
Nana.  I love your balls.
I told the boys that story tonight.  The laughs, especially Jacob's, were totally worth the future embarrassment when someone will inevitably proclaim
in the middle of the grocery store, Sunday school, ...

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