Monday, May 13, 2013

Minimal side effects, except for one little thing...

Chris started chemo yesterday. He'll alternate between three month sessions of two different drugs for a year. This time it's outpatient (glory hallelujah!). The side effects of the first drug will be minimal. He won't even lose his hair, which is odd considering that... IT'S A GUARANTEED LETHAL DOSE. Chris is a think-outside-the-box kind of guy, and it sounds like one of his crazier ideas. The poison works on both normal and cancerous cells, but the antidote works only on the normal cells. Clever. I think there's an episode of House there. The hospital administered the poison and then sent us home with the antidote which must be taken every six hours around the clock until the poison has essentially gone from his blood. I feel the way I did when they sent us home from the hospital with newborn David.
Is this wise? Are you sure you should be trusting us with this?
It's a mad, mad world.

* Shameless plug for sympathy, because, you know, no one feels sorry for me right now: Okay, I'm philosophically opposed to Mother's Day, but yesterday was too much. After we got home from the hospital and five minutes after my in-laws left, Rand threw up everywhere. In the middle of the clean up, I realized we didn't have the right stuff at home to protect Chris overnight from his medicine. But, a friend-hero showed up with Zofran for Rand and the right medical supplies for Chris (obtained from a rock star former science teacher who keeps pH strips at home to do experiments with her grandkids), and saved me from a certain mental breakdown.


  1. You have all my sympathy and prayers. If I lived in the same state as you I would love to have your boys come over and play, fix you dinners and give you hugs. May God pour out his blessings on you and your family.

  2. so glad to know y'all had great backup. Honey-friend, all my heart to all of y'all.

    and? this is RIDICULOUS. :(

  3. Whoa nelly! That's beyond backup - zofran AND pH strips from two different people. "Phone a Friend" to the epic level!!!

  4. Miss you guys. Thinking about you today.


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