Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Things you're not allowed to do when you have cancer...

Because Chris' cancer is in his knee, he is at high risk for broken bones which made the following conversation fraught with anxiety and suspense that would have been out of place last year...
Chris:  (from the bathroom) AHHHHHHHHHHH!!! 
Summer:  (deep breath, ready to face my new reality, walking resolutely into the bathroom)  Are you okay?   
Chris:  (completely annoyed)  There's water on the floor!?! 
Summer:  (confused because Chris is standing and not in obvious pain)  What happened? 
Chris:  (still exasperated)  I stepped in it, and now my sock's wet! 
Summer:  (relieved exasperation)  You're a jerk!  You're not allowed to yell like that unless it's something real.
So, cancer swoops in again to keep life - even life in the 'burbs - interesting.

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