Friday, March 30, 2012

Tooth fairy scrimshanker*...

Jacob lost another tooth this week.  The next day...
Jacob:  (excited, jumping up and running to the stairs as he speaks)  Oh, I forgot to look under my pillow to see what the tooth fairy left. 
Me:  (forgot to leave the tooth fairy loot, yikes, racking brain, Jacob now halfway up the stairs, decide to shamelessly take advantage of his sweet and suggestible nature)  Don't you want to go next door and see if James wants to check with you? 
Jacob:  (still excited, stops and runs back down the stairs and outside)  Yea! 
Me:  (wait for the door to shut, race to wallet, grab the cash, sprint up the stairs to stash it, back down to the living room just as Jacob gets back)
* If you google "slacker synonym", one of the results is "scrimshanker" which 1) makes you sound smarter and 2) is just fun to say.


  1. super cute :) It's alright. I'm just a "scrimshanker" in general. So you have someone who is more of one than you are by a long shot! :) Love ya!!

  2. This has happened to us twice - you'd think our Tooth Fairy would learn her lesson. First time the excuse was that the tooth was lost so close to bedtime the TF didn't have time to get us on her schedule. Second time we did almost exactly what you did-child came into our bed early saying "I didn't get anything!" And then 10 mins later we said "Are you sure? Go check again." So this child thinks she's lost her mind. At least you didn't blame your kid for your negligence! Love you! Meg


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